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Data Scientist


Boston, MA

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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Temp to Perm

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Randstad Technologies

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Description of Business Area

Technology Solutions is a software development organization within the client responsible for delivering solutions focused on health information technology (HIT) integration, analytics and surveillance capabilities to help drive standardization and accountability enterprise-wide for hospitals and IDNs. Technology Solutions strives to build high quality software applications that delight our customers in a predictable and efficient manner. Capabilities like advanced analytics, product insights, data science, test automation, project/portfolio management, lean-agile software development practices, and automated software development metrics are critical to our success. Technology Solutions provides data products and solutions to our customers using in-depth detailed medical device and hospital data to improve the safety and experiences for all patients. We are seeking a seasoned data mining/predictive analytics expert to help drive innovation using HIT information and build new products using algorithmic techniques to support our company s mission.

General Position Descriptors

  • Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of respective scientific discipline

  • Demonstrates proficiency in the product development process

  • Understands intellectual property, competitive landscape and regulatory requirements for the related products

  • Typically PhD level or with equivalent experience

  • Leads product development projects

  • Independently applies scientific knowledge and skills within respective discipline to product development projects

  • Develops and implements detailed experimental plans to drive product development

  • Provides guidance to other Product Development Scientists and may supervise direct reports

  • Capturing, documenting, analyzing and balancing project related information from multiple sources

  • Facilitate resolution of project related issues

  • Build product development plans and ensure that contingency plans are in place

  • Has in-depth experience, knowledge and skills in own job family

  • Applies knowledge and skills to a wide range of standard and non-standard situations

  • Works independently with minimal guidance

  • Usually determines own work priorities

  • Acts as a resource for colleagues with less experience

Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Going beyond established analytical thinking and problem-solving by applying creativity to unconventional concepts and out-of-the-box solutions

  • Ability to quickly understand patterns within large quantity of data and to reference key characteristics using visualization techniques

  • Demonstrating strong programming skills in large-scale data analysis SQL and R (Required). Some Python and Hadoop languages preferred.

  • Leveraging strong math skills and statistical knowledge to advanced data mining and data analysis activities

  • Analysis, design, development, test, troubleshooting and documentation of complex data systems that may involve one or more of the following: predictive models, feature extraction, data-driven analysis, application of machine learning algorithms, text mining, decision support, variable selection and model fit.

  • Completing written documentation and reports of results in the form of business reports, internal technology white papers, and statistical system documentation.

  • Familiarity with the CRISP-DM data mining process.

  • Devise new algorithmic approaches to solving difficult quantitative problems using large scale enterprise data sources.

  • Adopt new tools and algorithms effectively to improve model performance.

  • Work independently on complex statistical score modeling and analysis problems with very large and complex data structures.

  • Design data experiments to verify assumptions and hypothesis.

  • Experiment with new algorithms and analytical approaches and report on the impact to model performance.

  • Create tools and processes to download data, parse it for relevant content, and store it in existing data management systems.

Functional Competencies

  • Analytical Thinking - Identifies data requirements, often beyond the standard, and collects all relevant data needed to analyze a complex problem, situation or issue

  • Applies hypotheses and an understanding of cause and effect when analyzing a complex process, situation or issue or discerning data patterns

  • Identifies advanced implications/conclusions from the logical analysis of a complex situation or issue

  • Breadth of Technical Knowledge - Demonstrates a strong understanding of the technical offerings within one s own function

  • Advises others on a variety of topics within own functional area; accesses appropriate resources/expertise to obtain technical information as needed

  • Leverages the appropriate resources to provide complex solutions for internal/external customers

  • Customer Expertise - Utilizes knowledge of customers offerings and collaborates with others as necessary to make recommendations that consider the impact of key business drivers

  • Advises customers on the potential impact of industry trends and external business pressures in light of their business strategy

  • Integrates knowledge of Client s organization structure into solutions development

  • Innovative Certainty - Tracks internal trends and suggests process improvements based on observations

  • Questions current methods while evaluating broad implications, to develop practical improvements; focuses on achieving goals rather than a fear of failure

  • Approaches issues from multiple perspectives and collaborates with internal/external customers in generating creative, effective and practical solutions

  • Leveraging Technical Expertise - Applies comprehensive understanding of concepts within own technical area to design relatively advanced solutions; demonstrates understanding of key business drivers

  • Serves as an expert within a technical area and educates others on technical issues

  • Collaborates with all relevant parties to deliver services

  • Collaborates with internal/external customers and all relevant parties to deliver services

Leadership Expectations

  • Strategic Thinking - Uses best practices and knowledge of internal / external business issues / interdependencies (e.g., industry, market and customer) to improve work product in own work area

  • Identifies specific opportunities for short- and long-term change within own work area

  • Change Leadership - Consistently maintains a positive outlook to change and communicates the vision and business need for change

  • Adapts to fluid situations and demonstrates comfort in dealing with ambiguity

  • Acts as a champion of change by demonstrating knowledge of the change process, and by recognizing the change impact and lending personal support

  • Global Mindset - Demonstrates sensitivity to cultural and geographic differences when interacting with others

  • Actively seeks out different perspectives to gain a holistic picture

  • Select and Develop Talent - Proactively seeks out opportunities for self-development, balancing the need for personal growth and the critical capabilities required of the organization

  • Supports the identification of talent both internally and externally and provides feedback on candidates

  • Inspirational Leadership - Encourages others through own enthusiasm and an authentic communications style

  • Gains support and commitment from others within own group / department by communicating expertise and rationale

  • Results Orientation - Sets meaningful personal goals and assists others in work area; prioritizes short-term activities around department / functional goals

  • Delivers pragmatic solutions to meet commitments / goals, on time and on budget, despite obstacles or uncertainty

  • Monitors and controls costs within own work, assessing the financial implication of decisions

  • Personal Courage - Carefully weighs the pros and cons and makes tough decisions, even though they may be personally difficult and / or unpopular with others

  • Takes personal accountability for one s own decisions, despite potential for personal discomfort, and elevates risk as appropriate

  • Self-Awareness - Proactively works to address own development areas and builds awareness of how own words, actions and work style are perceived by others

  • Demonstrates awareness of others emotions and adjusts own approach accordingly to maintain composure and productivity


  • Graduate Degree in Engineering Mathematics, Statistics Theoretical/Computational, Computer Science, Data Mining or Predictive Analytics, or related field. PhD Preferred.

  • Proven knowledge of statistical techniques and data science is required

  • Minimum 5 years dedicated experiences with modeling and programming

  • 5+ years experience manipulating large datasets and using databases (e.g. R, SQL, KNIME, Python, Hadoop, etc.)

  • Demonstrable ability to quickly understand new concepts---all the way down to the theorems-and to come out with original solutions to mathematical issues

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

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